2020-21 Russian Nationals: Pairs' Short Program


Final Flight
May 16, 2020
That'll lead... but I wish they'd do a classical program again. They have nicer technique than they have expression, and it will do them well to focus on that aspect by choosing a classical piece that focuses on technique.

ETA: I mean classical like Rach 2 btw, lol. I guess Bolero's still classical :laugh:


Long live the Queen and her successors
Record Breaker
Mar 22, 2018
I don't care that it's Christmas time, it's 1:44 am here and that is not the time for Buble. It wasn't too bad of a skate minus that fall on the salchow though


On the Ice
Mar 21, 2018
Grishin says that in the last minute of warmup, Zhenya Tarasova hurt her foot/ankle (didn’t hear) and came up to the coaches showing it. I hope this isn’t a big problem and it heals quickly!

edit: for anybody interested, I rewatched their performance. Grishin said Zhenya might have hurt her right leg on a throw jump at the last minute of warmup.
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