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2023-24 Junior Grand Prix Final Women's Short Program


On the Ice
Nov 30, 2023
Minsol's short was so fun!! Her being so young and having such good performance and composition is going to make her such an incredible senior skater!
She has a fun program and she's super entertaining to watch, her spins especially are lovely 😊
Can't wait to see her free program!!


Record Breaker
Mar 7, 2015
Yes, you are right there. I protested greatly when the TES Box was first introduced, as I found it distracting. However, I have found the GOE traffic light squares very useful since were added. Plus, the names of the elements being included has been a godsend whenever I have been doing PBP's for my kids. Because I am useless at identifying elements.

But, the problem with the livescoring is that you have to wait a long time after the programme is finished for things to appear. (That is assuming that there is livescoring at all). It is good to have an idea of how the skater got on before the scores are announced.

It would be amazing if they could provide a livescoring page where you could see everything that was going on as it happens. But, that is probably too complex to do.

At Challenge, the livescoring was updated rather quickly. Not immediately after the skate but before the next skater was done for sure.
Livescoring could happen faster but it would be confusing as things get reviewed... so the way it is right now is fine.