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2024 World Junior Championships Women's Short Program


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Mar 29, 2012
Josephine was really struggling during the warm up, and it was freaking me out in the audience. I was relieved she skated as well as she did, but the jumps were obviously under-rotated.

I think that the US really needs to rethink their criteria for Junior Worlds. The fact that Josephine didn't jump a lutz in the Senior Women's SP at US championship means that she was not really set up for success for Junior Worlds, and the judging needs to be more similar to what they will actually get at international championships. She definitely skated amazing, but the USFS went too crazy on the scores, but it was clear that she wasn't really ready for this competition. She kept practicing her lutz, and she finally managed to eke it out, but it was still nervy in the actual competition.

To be clear, I like Josephine, I'm just annoyed at the way the USFS is managing their skaters, and not setting them up for success.


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Dec 4, 2004
@Ichatdelune Ichat!!! Jia just beat clean Mao in the SP! She got higher PCS than Mao here 😄
:cool: I am going to fly above the flak on this one but they were both wonderful. I do have to wonder if you took 10 judging panels watching the same two skates, would the results have always put Jia over Mao? I am lucky cause I love them both. And Ted....Ted, you are the best commentator that ever lived....


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Aug 21, 2018
The highish score needed to make the FS got me thinking about how that's changed over the years and how it relates to the score needed to make the FS for Senior Worlds.

Score needed to make the FS at Junior Worlds for the past 10 years.

2024 - 53.35
2023 - 48.57
2022 - 51.75
2020 - 50.43
2019 - 46.70
2018 - 45.88
2017 - 44.66
2016 - 43.38
2015 - 45.06
2014 - 42.05

Scores needed to make the FS as Senior Worlds for 10 years starting with 2023 Worlds
2023 - 54.65
2022 - 55.71
2021 - 57.72
2019 - 55.20
2018 - 50.63
2017 - 54.83
2016 - 49.86
2015 - 43.85
2014 - 49.34
2013 - 48.14

Difference betweent the above scores for years where both a senior and junior worlds were held.
2023 - 6.08
2022 - 3.96
2019 - 8.50
2018 - 4.75
2017 - 10.17
2016 - 6.48
2015 - -1.21
2014 - 7.29

Pretty wild swings in the score difference. I think it'll become less swingy over time and that the scores will become quite close to one another.

Elina Goidina and Anastasia Brandenburg backloaded their 3T-3T which gives them a 9.24 BV vs a 9.50 BV for a front loaded 3F+3T. I can't help but think more junior skaters should try a backloaded 3T-3T as it's not possible to recover from botching the first jump in the combination.

Also, Sherry Zhang had the highest TES score at the Youth Olympics with a clever layout without a 3-3 or even a 2A-3T and I think more should probably copy this layout: 3Lo 3Lz+2T 3T 3Lz 3F+2A+2A 3F+2T 3S
Yes. You are smart. When I saw the Eteri girls going for 2A 2A sequence jumps
In the second half, I knew that it made sense mathematically. Sherry’s team is wise


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Mar 22, 2018
As long as I love Jia, sorry but Mao should be in first place, she got again an unfair call on her flip, and Jia didn't get a call for her lutz 🙄


Jan 31, 2019
Just starting to catch up on women and already rooting for Shlaga to qualify, though she probably won't with so many entries.


May Rika spin her hair into GOLD….in 2026.
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Mar 21, 2018
Good skate from Kim Yujae, but she needs more speed. She was very cautious throughout.


Jan 31, 2019
I was glad to see Rozanov's students having a strong showing. I like how he oriented his school towards international competitions. Well done! Gurgenidze looked strong as well, at least in short. Sad for Jumanyzova, though. Likely the case of wanting it too much. Other than that, I was glad that at least in SP, non Japanese-Korean junior women were able to reach top 6. I won't get to FS until tomorrow, but really looking forward to seeing the final placement, since the scores are basically identical for lots of the table.