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Pairs Long Programs


Oct 29, 2011
I find it entirely classless that you decided to 1. Drag another team into this conversation despite the fact that they had not been referred to and 2. To go as fall as to accuse them of being unintelligent even though that has NOTHING to do with skating.

Also, have you heard of the expression "constructive criticism"? Sui/Han are exceedingly proficient technically, there is no denying that. However, in order for them to enter the upper echelon of pairs skating, they need to brush up on the point made beforehand. Why do we need to put them on a pedestal? We all already know they are good with the elements. Nobody's DISRESPECTING others, as you say. Obviously, T/T have technical problems as we all have noticed, especially Narumi, but they're good on the PCS side of things. S/H could take a lesson from them just as T/T could take a lesson in technical elements from S/H.
It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. In order to pursue perfection you need to fix your flaws.

Well, I suggest you go check the dictionary and learn what 'constructive' really means. We welcome the constructive criticism for all the athletes, as it help them grow and see their imperfections. But this prejudiced attack is really annoying and no 'constrcutive' at all. Go check the 'constructive' posts again and you'll only find there's only personal hatred 'T/T are so good, and S/H are so terrible'. If you like T/T, go boast them whatever you like. Don't laugh at others to achieve this. It's just too pathetic.


Oct 29, 2011
The problem is that everyone think that pairs skating can only be done in a very specific diversity whatsoever. I think every Chinese skaters have been criticized in some way for not following the Russian/German skating style: P/T for "horrible" posture, Z/Z for lack of elegance/emotion, S/Z for not enough transitions, and now S/H for choppiness.

Its the same thing in the Ladies performances...skaters with a style similar to Irina Slutskaya / Carolina Kostner tends to get the worst opinions. For the men its the Plushenko like skaters.

There's a difference between constructive criticism and outright attack. A better way to phrase that post would be "S/H has nice speed and emotion but they need to work on their unison and skating skill a bit more for better PCS"...instead of "the score is outrageous".

I'm sure people would not take me kindly if I say something like "T/T's PCS score is outrageous because their skating is horribly slow and they stumble all over the place"...No, I would say that they "should work on improving their speed and technical".

Thanks for Unchose. Your words are exactly what I mean. It's time to correct some impolite doings.


Record Breaker
Mar 27, 2007
Some thoughts from the arena....

It's not until you see them live that you see how fast, how quietly V/T skate. They skate other team skates as big as they do. It wasn't even close in terms of quality. As for their program, I can't wait to see it by the end of the season. It's clearly still early for them. I didn't like the SP, but they just blew me away in terms of how good they are.

I think my second favorite team in this competition was Duhamel/Radford. Very energetic, very fast, very enjoyable. She's a fighter.

Sui/Han....most people will know that I'm not a fan. Seeing them live didn't change this at all. They're kind of what I hate about COP. They have a huge base value, but it's not like their elements are all that well done (aside from the throws). 4Tw was about 1/4 UR, she URed her jumps, and the lift positions are pretty awful. I have to give it to their choreographer for hiding their flaws so well: she has very poor skating skills, their posture is pretty bad, and they are lacking in unison. All the head bopping and moves in their program are designed to hide this. They are not particularly fast, either. 121 was too high for what they did.

Iliuscheckina and Maisuradze need to work on their speed and cleaning up their tech, but their program was fun, chock ful of transitions and very well presented. Gorgeous lifts.

I liked Lawrence and Sweigers, they have presence. His throw technique is not great, though - he hardly throws her with any height.

Loved, loved, loved Takahashi/Tran's short program - it was by far the most stunning, well done program of the competition. However, they really need to start landing their stuff.