Patrick Chan


On the Ice
May 5, 2017
My pleasure !!!! I have to say that I also love the post Sochi programs... However, I find some of his previous work superb as well like Take Five and Elegy. The only sadness I have, after all this time, is that we never saw perfectly well skated DUst in the wind and Hallelujah.. I think those programs had the potential to be magic... at the same time, Patrick skated them with joy in the team event which resulted in him becoming an olympic champion and that makes things better... I agree.. SO MANY GREAT programs!!!
You're so right about Dust in the Wind and Hallelujah having the potential to be magic. I just rewatched these programmes (the 2018 Olympics) and they are truly beautiful. No-one can skate like Patrick. I watched the 2018 Olympics in real time two years ago (but not live unfortunately) and was so overjoyed with witnessing Patrick's joy at winning Team Gold - I was so thrilled!