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    Quote Originally Posted by seniorita View Post
    Russian Team is selected by Russian Nationals, the gold medalist for sure and the second or third spot might be judged by their performace at euros as well if there is a tie, I dont see the big difference.
    Evan went as US bronze medalist in worlds and won the competition, I dont see it hurt his confidence. Of course everybody wants to be also the national champion as they hit the ice, I have no reasons to believe otherwise.
    We were just talking if nationals are more prestigious than grand prix series and I think if you are a top skater winning an international competition it counts .
    Yes you are right from a European pov..
    And Evan could finish third at US Natls and still make the podium in Vancouver.

    But to American fans and the public our own National title is more important than GP or 4CC. You don't get it because you are not from the USA.

    I am not saying this is right or that it makes sense from a strategic pov.
    It is just our tradition and the way it is. Nationals are only topped by Worlds and Olympics. The GP and 4CC don't come close in the minds of casual fans or the people here who typically watch every four years. They don't even know what 4CC is and have limited interest in the GP's.
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