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2018 Skate America Free Dance


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Sep 25, 2013
I want to be excited for ice dance b/c of next season's broadway/musical theme for the RD, but I fear everyone will just choose the same ol' songs/musicals we've seen in figure skating...


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Dec 21, 2014
I mean it was a very strong performance but it did nothing for me (and that dress :devil:)
when I see Zach all I can think of are the comments with the Shibs...

Yes. Although I do like her dress. Zach’s comments really rubbed me the wrong way but I’m trying not to let it affect my judgement of their skating.

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Dec 27, 2009
I'm looking forward to seeing Hubbell and Donohue FD live next week in SC. Sell it to me!
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Nov 30, 2016
I liked the placement of the one voiceover with the spin (if you've decided to go with voiceovers). It's an intimate position with their faces so close together, so it works with the words


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May 10, 2010
Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUE

Good phrasing through the opening steps. Smooth change of positions through the straight line lift. Wonderful speed and ice coverage through the twizzles. Very fast spin with good positions, could have more impact though. Good glide through thee diagonal step. Fairly good one-foot sequence that could have better edging near the end (Level 3 and 2). Nice drag lift into a stationary lift with many changes of position. Sharpness in the movements through the character step. Lovely changes of sliding moves through the choreography that reverse in direction and shape. Also smooth in the very liquid final dance lift.

I admire this program's modern movements - things may appear simple but aren't in execution. I like how I expect one move to do one thing but then the choreography has them do something else. I'm still a little unsure of their connection to each other in terms of how it relates to the many musical changes. Their changes of position throughout the program are smooth and their edgework is improving. I still don't get as much romance through this program for something that's about Romeo and Juliet, something to work on as the season progresses.

FD: 122.39, 66.79 TES, 55.60 PCS
Total: 200.82


Jul 8, 2018
Yes. Although I do like her dress. Zach’s comments really rubbed me the wrong way but I’m trying not to let it affect my judgement of their skating.

Wait I missed this! What did he say?


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Jun 22, 2015
Madison looks cooly expectant lol. Wonder if she's feeling all right? She seemed pretty cool in the interview earlier too...


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Aug 1, 2011
Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUE
Country: United States of America
Music: "Introduction to Romeo" (Romeo and Juliet soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong; "Kissing You" (Instrumental) (Romeo and Juliet soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong; "Kissing You" (Romeo and Juliet soundtrack) performed by Desree
Choreography by: Marie-France Dubreuil, P. Lauzon, G. Cournoyer
Costumes: Grey dress with beading for her; basic black for him

Program Layout:

Voiceover of We're in Verona. You'd never know it was R&J from the costumes. Then into
SL Lift - Level 4 /1.18g directly into
Twizzles - level 4 for both/2.90. I found them a bit slow but in tempo
Dance Spin with lunge exit. Level 4/1.62g
Diag Step Seq - Level 3/3.18g. Nice twizzle move in there
NT Step Seq Level 3 for her. 2 for him. 2.18 GOE
Curve Lift --> SL Lift. Lev 3 for the Cu/ 4 for the SL 2.66g
Choreo Char Step Seq - I found this almost nonexistant but 3.53 g. I guess the jduges didn't
Choreo Sliding Movement - very musical. Montreal do sliding well, choreographically. They know how to use them. 3.14g
Choreo Dance Lift - best thing in the program for me. 3.60g
And into the Sudden Death of Juliet Pose. Oy veh.

Well MUCH better than SLC but I'm still very meh about it. It's technically sound but generic. No wonder they threw in the voiceover to start.

Score: 122.39 and a SB


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Jan 11, 2014
Just imagine that I made my La La Land/Moonlight joke here..

Emma Stone singing reminds me that I like Emma Stone acting.


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Oct 20, 2017
Woah. Huge score :shocked:

Well, I guess we can take it as confirmed that the judges are going to position H/D as the only challengers to P/C this season.

Frankly, I'd rather see Gilles and Poirier take that spot. Their FD is PHENOMENAL. But I guess we'll see how the season progresses.

Spirals for Miles

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Aug 25, 2017
Madi and Zach just aren't a very Romeo and Juliet - like ice-couple to me. they need something more passionate - R+J is more childish and innocent, they are more mature and passionate