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The Dance GP Assignments


Jul 26, 2003
I find it interesting that Lefebvre&Markov are listed. I thought they retired after Cnds. I hope to see V&M and D&W do well. They're both wonderful teams. I'd also like to see Del&Shoe finally get some respect.
Jul 11, 2003
I see the French sliding futher behind all 3 teams. I dont remember the last time they beat Belbin/Agosto, and they couldnt do it in two attempts last year with Belbin/Agosto in a more vurnerable state. Worlds may well be the last time they ever beat Domnina/Shabalin as well.
I think the French have a good back-up team in Caron and Jost. Of course, there is that unwritten law in Dance that one must pay dues before they move up. Why? I don't know. Dance judging is just too strange and throwing in Balkov is a trip to more scandal. A 2 year suspension for being caught cheating in 2002 didn't stop him from judging in 2003. You figure.



Record Breaker
Aug 31, 2003
Carron/Jost are the #3 French team, behind Pechalat/Bourzat. P/B put together the kind of dances that the Europeans love, but they tend to perform inconsistently. P/B were 12th at '07 Worlds to DelShoes' 4th, so there will be only 2 French teams for '08 Worlds. There will be 3 teams for the French at Euros, so that might be C/J's chance to outshine P/B.

BTW, I wouldn't be so quick to write off DelShoes just yet. They are the European champions, and they beat DomShabs at both Euros and Worlds. They have clung stolidly to that #4 position and show no signs of "sliding behind" other teams.
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